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Attract talent and reduce employee turnover with an Employer Matched Vacation Savings Account
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What is VSA Fund?

VSA stands for Vacation Savings Account. Employers match a portion of their employee’s contribution to help encourage them to take vacations, which will help reduce employee burnout and attract talent. All plans include:
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Program Design & Setup


Enrollment & Education


Administration & Reporting

Why VSA Fund?


Attract Talent

Stand out from your competitors. Let your future employees know you do not encourage a burnout culture.


Engage Employees

Employees who are rested think and perform better. You will benefit from better performance and job satisfaction.


Retain Employees

Maximize your employee ROI by reducing turnover rates. VSA Fund is good for their health, career and your bottom line!

Maximize Employee ROI and Reduce Turnover Rates

You care about your employees and the work they produce. We recognize this. Employee burnout is well-documented and serious. VSA Fund will:

  • educate your employees on the benefits of using their time off
  • guide your employees through how the process works
  • handle all employee questions

Consider VSA Fund an extension of your team. Your ROI, productivity, and retention rates will never look better.

Employees Happy At Work

Pricing Plans

Our Pricing is simple and affordable. No hidden fees.

Under 100 Employees

per employee per month
per employee per month

  • No setup fees
  • Custom Program Design
  • Simple Enrollment Process
  • Administration and Reporting
  • Funds are FDIC Insured

Over 250 Employees

  • No setup fees
  • Custom Program Design
  • Simple Enrollment Process
  • Administration and Reporting
  • Funds are FDIC Insured

Be Adventurous with Your Benefits

Schedule a demo and we will walk you through how the process works. Our team will also answer any questions you have about the VSA Fund program and how you can inspire and motivate your employees.

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